/ by Sean Beauford

2015 was the craziest twelve month span of my life, by far. a couple downs and a lot of high-ups have made the last year one for the books. i entered 2015 with friends at a NYE party, standing behind a bar as champagne popped and strangers on the other side danced the night away. i've never been one for the party life and i was only there because that was the move friends wanted to make but that's neither here nor there. i remember wondering what the upcoming year had in store and for all that i imagined, i never once thought that things would turn out the way they did. a lot of the year is a blur tbh, outside of a few highlights. usually when i experience something, i kind of just move on without dwelling. i don't like to hold on to things. so to look back at the events of this past year, i'm just like 'wow, that happened?' i like that i did a lot of things for the first time, and a lot of things for the last time.

i'm not going to go into detail about every event that took place last year because i'm more concerned with the future. but real quick, i: ran a marathon; spoke in front of hundreds of kids; helped open a restaurant; opened a gallery; had a radio show; curated a huge installation in an international airport; got to be a part of an epic public art project; moved into a new crib; moved in with my bestie; started a new position; met a bunch of dope people; ended a year long gallery exhibition drought; and had a bunch of crazy experiences that i can't even discuss #onhere.

but most important of all... my daughter Neon was born!

that's still the craziest thing ever to me. the kid has a kid. she looks just like me, too. i love her so much!

with Neon, i find myself simultaneously looking forward to her growth, but also really really really appreciating where she's at now. every single second with her and observing her is treasured, and i'm in no rush for her to grow up. but i also can't wait lol. having her has taught me to be way more appreciative of the moment. i don't know if it's because of that but lately i've been having a lot of beautiful, meaningful, crazy moments.

i'm all about the moments this year.

and family over everything.

i'm so grateful for everything that's happening and i'm super excited about everything that's coming up.

everything is bright.