/ by Sean Beauford

photo: chancelor humphrey; painting: linshuttr.

my last exhibition, the other side of pop, just closed march 25th after being up since january 22nd. my biggest and longest running exhibition to date was also the one i learned the most from. that's all i can ever really ask for - the opportunity to learn. and i learned sooooo much from so many people, it's crazy. i'm super thankful for the lessons learned from the work, the mistakes, the artists, the organization, the visitors, the feedback, the many conversations... everything. it has all helped me to grow as a curator and even a person.

i'm excited because i get to apply everything i learned to my next projects.

so... on to the next.

thank you: tara, linshuttr, marqui, janis, devonne, mackenzie, ivan, justin, baron, jason, derek, cryssy, rexchouk, cey, sophia, molly, club bum, amani, hannibal, andre, matthew, erin, ben, jessiah, emmai, cat, arnold's tea, smi, laila, chancelor, kurt, shaunda, diana, joe, gerald, murray, nathan, jaysen, alison, janera, george, kst, awc staff, the cultural trust, and everyone who visited, shared and supported tosop.

nothing was the same.