above images by Chancelor Humphrey

shot & directed by Emmai Alaquiva; production assistant - Catherine Skolnicki; additional footage - Ben Petchel

Cey is a legend. From being a kid putting in work with graffiti, to giving hip-hop an artistic identity as the founding creative director of Def Jam Records, to designing various logos, to his recent paper-based works on canvas, Cey has been telling our culture's story for quite some time. Never one to brag, he's one of the most humble people I've ever met. He's someone more people should know about. when Cey was in Pittsburgh painting his mural for The Other Side of Pop, we filmed a bit with him, discussing his history, his mural, and how his relationship with Andy Warhol inspired his return to the 'burgh. Please check the clip above and familiarize yourself with the OG.

the other side of pop featured in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review by art critic, Kurt Shaw! read about the exhibition and some of the inspiration behind the work here.

grand opening

on friday, january 22nd, the other side of pop made it's public debut during the Cultural Trust's quarterly gallery crawl held in downtown pittsburgh. one thing that was special about this particular crawl though, was the reopening of the August Wilson Center as an exhibition space. the building itself only reopened a few months ago, and though it has had consistent programming, it had yet to utilize it's two massive galleries. when i was asked to have my exhibition be a part of this relaunch, i was elated; when i learned that the work occupying the other gallery would be that of legendary photographer, Teenie Harris, i was honored to be in such great company.

i am extremely thankful for everyone who braved the snowstorm to attend the opening reception. your support (or curiosity) does not go unnoticed. shout out to DJ SMI for rocking the party and playing an abundance of Jigga in the process. also, shout out to the people who always come out to the things i put on - that means way more to me than you could ever imagine. this night was also special because it was the first time i was really out with my 7 week old daughter, Neon. mobbing with her all night was the best (props to her mom for letting me hog her).

if you didn't make the opening, you can still see the other side of pop for free at the August Wilson Center, tuesday through saturday from 11am-6pm, until march 25th.

pics from the opening courtesy of Laila Archuleta


photo by Laila Archuleta. mural by Cey Adams

the other side of pop is an art exhibition i curated for the august wilson center in downtown pittsburgh. it's a group exhibition featuring the work of 11 incredibly talented artists from all over the map. this show came about because i wanted to present a large collection of artwork that dealt with modern pop culture, but not just pop culture as seen on tv and magazines. i wanted to touch on sort of my version of pop culture, the things that are relevant within my community that mainstream america doesn't understand. and also present our perspective on issues that we deal with. it's important that we tell our own stories with our own voice and not just sit back and hope for inclusion. there's nothing better than putting on an art exhibition that my people can relate to. to me, the connection is most important. i love when people who don't consider themselves that into art, go to one of my shows and tell me how much they like what's on display because they connect with it. 🙏

BIG thanks to: cey adams for his humility and coming through, painting a crazy, huge mural; Sophia Chang for her graciousness; Cryssy Cheung for all of her effort; Amani Davis and Hannibal Hopson for their energy; Justin Gilzene for being clutch; Molly Goldfarb for bringing the bright; Andre Jones for his open mindedness; Matthew LaPenta for his craftsmanship; RexChouk for his spirit; LinShuttr for putting in so much work; and the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust for their support! 

the other side of pop can be seen for free at the August Wilson Center in downtown pittsburgh until March 25th. gallery hours are tuesday through saturday from 11am - 6pm.


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